Happy New Year 2012!

After taking December off we’re now back on the horse again working out our plans for this new year. New songs are coming up fast, we’ve worked on six so far, and the plan right now is to get back in the studio in March or April. Not sure yet if the end result will be an EP, our second album, or something else… only thing we can guarantee is that new music will be out before summer. First impression is that the material is leaner and (perhaps) meaner compared to “Rebels” with emphasis on fat-free guitar riffs and energetic rhythms with less drony bits… if that makes any sense. In either case, we’re excited for sure. Gonna update the site with new photos and such and we hope to have news soon about our planned live return. So, as always, keep checking regularly.

Love to all.

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“Rebels” now available on iTunes

Hello friends, you can now purchase your own digital copy of our first album through iTunes! We’re figuring out how to have the preview here but in the meantime you can get to the store through our Facebook-page. The details on a physical release are still unknown at this point, but should that change you’ll be the first to know. We have already started writing new material and are planning to hit the studios again next February or thereabouts. Thanks to everybody who came to see us this autumn and keep visiting this site for future show announcements! Stay well…
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“Rebels”, the debut album by The Bias

We have finished recording and mixing our first record! The track listing runs as follows:

  1. Runaway Eyes
  2. The Insider
  3. Rebels
  4. Needle of Doubt
  5. Wasted on You
  6. Angel
  7. High Street
  8. Chase Away (The Dawn)
  9. Comedown

We’re obviously excited about this and will make it available digitally very shortly. Also, we’re weighing in our options as far as a physical release for early next year. Make sure to visit this site regularly for updates.

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October 3, 2011

We’re almost done recording our album… Need to do one more lead vocal and some small touches all around but we’re getting there! In a couple of weeks we’ll switch to mixing mode to pull the material together. There’s a new song up in the music section called “The Insider”. Go take a listen!

Check back soon… we’re getting ready to revamp the look of this site as well. Take care for now…



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Upcoming San Francisco Shows

Hey all! We have two San Francisco shows coming up… We’ll be playing Kimo’s Lounge on the 21st of October opening for Bryan Minus and the Disconnect, a cool band on tour from Portland, OR. A couple of weeks later on the 2nd of November, we’ll be taking the stage at The Knockout in the Mission. Come down, have fun and hear new songs! Also watch this space for an update on the recording in just a few days. Cheers.

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Just a few overdubs…

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New Songs Online

Greetings! We added two new songs to the Music-section. The mixes are roughs done in our own studio… Looks like the album will come to feature nine songs and these two may or may not appear- running order is not yet finalized. The tracks from Catacombs are sounding really good though and we’re planning to go back in for some more work in a couple of weeks time. Check back soon then and take care…

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Tracking percussion at Catacombs…

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Studio Dates

So the time has come for us to start recording our debut album. Yeah! We’re entering San Francisco’s Catacombs studio located in the idyllic Mission neighborhood on the 25th of this month. Damien Rasmussen will be engineering the first batch of dates. We’ve done some work in the place in the past and are really looking forward to getting back into those rooms. As of now the plan is to pretty much record our current set of nine songs… We also have a couple new ones that we’ve been doing as of late and we hope to take a shot at those as well. We’ll keep you posted on our progress…

Thanks to all of you who were at the Elbo Room show last week! It was big fun. We added a few snaps from that night to the Visuals-section.

More to come soon.


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San Francisco Show

We’ll do a show at the Elbo Room in San Francisco in two weeks ( Wednesday 6 July ). It’ll be kind of like a homecoming show for us… Hope to see a lot of you guys there- we’ll open the evening, so be there at 9pm at the latest!

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