Another new song + studio news

No moi (finnish for “well hi there” or along those lines)! We uploaded a new song called Better Friend here and you should definitely go to the Music section and have a listen. As one of the more riff-based blasts of energy off of the upcoming album it will entice your ears with its dirty rock and roll guitars, stop and start rhythms and some nice little twists and turns so you don’t get too comfortable just sitting there. Mmm… thank you very much.

Same things as last time: a rough mix, will be mixed again for the album… blah-blah. We’re in the process of looking for a great local (or non-local) mixing engineer right now who would be a good match for us and give the mixes some extra input and help us pull the whole thing together. We have a couple of people in mind. When something’s definite we’ll let you know immediately.

So, we’ve been setting up our new rehearsal/recording studio for a couple of weeks now. There have been (and still are) some glitches along the way. Seems like we underestimated how long it’ll take to make all our recording gear work here in Finland with the 220/230V AC and overestimated the availability of the equipment needed. Since most of the stuff we brought over from the US is made to accept 110/120V only, we’ve had to purchase numerous step-down converters, new power supplies etc. Most everything is up and running but we’re still waiting, for example, for a new power supply for Ville’s favorite pre-amp for vocals. Should arrive this week. In either case, we are set to go to friend’s studio and do some keyboard overdubs in a few days. Sweet!

Keep checking back guys, stuff is happening. Oh, and also happy 4th of July to all of our American friends should we not be in touch before then.

Take good care!

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