New country, new studio, new song

Massive apologies for not updating for so long! We have been busy moving from The Bay Area to Helsinki, Finland and that’s been pretty hectic. Luckily we have already found a new rehearsal studio and though there’s still some vocals and odd bits to do the second album is approximately 93.3% recorded. When things settle into the groove again, we should have it ready later this summer or early fall. Not too bad.

We want to thank Jacob Winik for doing a great job at Tiny Telephone… especially the drums sound wonderful this time around. Also a shout-out to TT owner John Vanderslice from whom Ville purchased a British Reissue VOX AC-15 for a meager sum of $100. The amp sounds so good we ended up re-recording some parts that were already in the can just to feature it. Best. Deal. Ever.

There’s finally new music on the site as well. It’s a rough mix that Ville did for the song called Dinosaur. We naturally think it’s awesome: driving, a tongue in cheek ball of fun rock and roll song about being old, bloated and out of touch. Or what we think being old, bloated and out of touch is like… We ourselves are young, hungry and with-it or course. You’ll find the song under the Music tab.

We’ll be here more often now- a promise. Hope everyone’s having a good start of the summer. Lotsa love.

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