February 27, 2012

It’s been a bit quiet here recently, not that it means we’ve been lazing around! New music is coming together really well right now and we’re preparing to start recording in three week’s time in San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone studios. Songs range from driving rock numbers to more groove-based pieces and everything in between. It’s all pretty hard hitting and direct-sounding stuff so far, not really anything overtly “psychedelic”. We’re planning on maybe featuring some acoustic guitar for the first time as well as some keyboard touches (“Rebels” has a number of tracks where we used a guitar synthesizer, and while it provided a cool extra element for the shows it was a real bitch to record…)

Also, we’ve been away from the stage for a while now and will do an one-off San Francisco appearance on the 14th of April. This will be a very special show for us for multiple reasons (more of which later) and we promise to debut a good chunk of the upcoming second album. Hope to see a lot of you there… check back for details… best wishes to everyone.

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